This thickening growth oil is a caffeinated scalp treatment made from the perfect blend of oils to boost hair growth while block hormones that lead to excess shedding. This lightweight mixture is a blend of high quality, purposefully selected, natural oils that increase blood flow and strengthen hair follicles on the scalp.

Growth oil

A generous blend of 13 powerful oils at 120ml for longer consistent use and results. 

Roasted coffee infused formula helps block DHT hormones that cause hair loss and excess shedding.  

Applicator bottle makes it easy to use for a wash day or while protective styling. Screw top is great for traveling.

"in love with the oil!"

This oil is very softening and conditioning! I love this oil so much.. This is not just another hair oil: this blend of oils performs like a peacemaker to the scalp and strands! May as well call it a medicinal oil. Thank you!!!!

Certified buyer

I have an update on the hair oil I have seen some volume in my fine hair and somehow it feels stronger I am very happy with results!

C. Hernandez

I LOVE the oil! I have been using it for the past 2 months and it has really been feeling good on my scalp and working well for my hair. I love that it is lightweight even though there are so many different oils within it which is important my low porosity type 4 hair!